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I mainly work with React/Nextjs to build Jamstack sites and focus on the front‑end side.

I also enjoy doing other things from the full‑stack of the any project, whether it's finding a cool domain, creating a new logo and trying to find the best solution for easy‑to‑use interfaces and user‑friendly sites or web‑apps.

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If you wanna talk to me about a project or you have any other questions, get in touch:

What others say about me

I worked closely with Vladimir for over a year in the same team at Skywind. Vladimir has interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to work in a cross-cultural, fast-paced environment under tight deadlines. He is a results-driven, strong team worker. Vladimir always was polite and gave me a lot of good advices when I needed. I highly recommend him. — Vladislav Bankov, QA Engineer
I've been working with Vladimir on related projects for the past year. Vladimir is a hardworking, goal-oriented and highly-motivated person. He deals good with new technologies, tasks and troubleshooting. Also Vladimir is easy-to-communicate and always ready to help person. So I think every project and team will be just happy to have such a great team-player. — Anastasiya Piskunova, React/JS developer
I had the opportunity to work with Vladimir on several projects for a total of about more than 1.5 years. Vladimir is a very strong specialist. Works without problems under pressure, really like do what he can do best and trying do it better. It was a pleasure to work with him all the time. I would definitely recommend such a specialist for a project! — Anton Churyn, Senior Software Engineer